Case Studies


Customer Since: 2014

Contract Duration: 5+ Years

  • With the merger and acquisition of Nexeo, Univar became the second largest global chemical sales & distribution organization
  • With over 10,000 employees and a supply-chain spanning every continent technology is a key-driver in Univar’s success
  • With multiple systems across their Digital Core Pillars (ERP, CRM, HCM, C/X) integrations and total data management had to be addressed
  • There was also a failure to adopt standard processes across previously acquired companies before AGR’s engagement
  • With the Nexeo merger added to this standardized best practices had to be adopted, data had to be rationalized, cleansed and systemically managed identically across the organization
  • AGR undertook the Systems Portfolio/Project Management across the IT organization and process improvement initiatives
  • We initiated a total data management/data development while rolling out advanced analytics
  • Change Management & Training is a large component of all of our initiatives
  • Univar’s business processes were re-engineered adopting best-practice from both Univar and Nexeo
  • Technology across the Digital Core was integrated to allow Univar to leverage a truly next gen distribution system
  • The successful integration of systems and data from Nexeo Solution by Univar performing enterprise systems, data management, and process integration