Case Studies


Customer Since: 2019

Contract Duration: 18 Months

  • GE Aviation, a subsidiary of General Electric, is headquartered in Evendale, Ohio, outside Cincinnati. GE Aviation is among the top aircraft engine suppliers, and offers engines for the majority of commercial aircraft
  • GE Aviation is the flagship division within the corporation and with a backlog spanning more than 2 years business planning and intelligence is critical
  • GE Aviation has been the largest producer of structured and unstructured data for many years. As an early adopter of installing and collecting sensor data on it’s engines it had a great requirement for a robust cloud solution for total data management and advanced analytics
  • AGR was brought onboard to provide a team to execute data management and advanced analytics across the entire organization
  • Utilizing HVR AGR replicated all data (business, financial, operational, and sensor) across multiple systems and push the replicated data into a Data Lake.
  • Imbedded within the Cloud Computing Architecture our team ran all of the data through Talend, which allowed the cleansed and optimized data to be stored in a structured manner within the cloud and pushed back down to business units for reporting or further analytics
  • The Cloud Computing Architecture featuring an AWS Data Lake, HVR System, Talend System and other Data extraction and management tools allowed GE Aviation to harness and realize the potential of the massive amounts of data it generates
  • The advanced analytics of this data allowed the organization to find bottle-necks within its supply-chain and manufacturing and begin to turn-over its backlog faster leading to improved financial results