Case Studies


Customer Since: 2019

Contract Duration: 8 Months

  • One of the leading consumer product companies in the world and known for its forward thinking technology creation, development and adoption
  • The technology group strives continuously to build upon foundational products and create new product technology to keep Apple ahead of its global competitors
  • With a GIS/Mapping application that was substandard to some of it’s competitors and independent applications Apple undertook a massive re-engineering effort of this application
  • In addition to re-engineering the base application Apple wanted to incorporate the latest functionality transformed by Machine-Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology
  • AGR was selected as one of the partners to provide GIS Mapping and Mobile Data Collection services to the re-engineering effort
  • Our teams were deployed in different regions throughout the US collecting large amounts of data to be processed by advanced analytics and to start feeding the machine learning and AI integrations
  • AGR utilized our proprietary mobile asset management application to track our teams, allow ease and security of communication and act as a temporary repository for data collected
  • AGR ensured personnel and data security for data collection activities while undertaking the Program management for our team and executed all of our deliverables within schedule.
  • Apple’s re-engineering effort is still underway and is sure to create the next generation in mapping applications for its users