Case Studies


Customer Since: 2019

Contract Duration: 10 Months

  • Puraglobe is a global leader in the re-refinement of recycled oils
  • Soon to be the only company producing fully synthetic lubricants from recycled base stock.
  • Current operations in Germany and the U.S. and AGR’s engagement was at their newly commissioned lubricant blending packaging facility in the Port of Tampa, FL
  • Puraglobe required a scalable cloud-based enterprise resource planning system that was able to handle complex manufacturing processes for future expansion
  • New ERP system is critical to continued success
  • Existing ERP system was inadequate for the company’s current needs, including cross working systems with multiple facilities, currencies and business structures
  • AGR is providing an end-to-end digital transformation solution
  • Assisting Puraglobe in selection of cloud-hosted ERP applications
  • Overseeing architecture of the cloud infrastructure
  • Driving implementation of the ERP application
  • Delivering industry best-practice corporate policies, departmental instructions and desktop procedures
    • Puraglobe is in the final stage of selecting the cloud-hosted ERP application
    • Implementation approach utilizes AGR’s “Mult-Trac” methodology
    • Remaining steps include:
      • Implementation of Cloud-Hosted Digital Core ERP Application
      • Digital Transformation in Business Processes, Education and Training of Staff