Case Studies


Customer Since: 2017

Contract Duration: 4.5 Years

  • RRAD’s mission is to sustain the Warfighter’s combat power by providing ground combat and tactical systems maintenance operations. This includes the technology infrastructure to support material management, depot level maintenance and field level maintenance
  • RRAD’s force of 3,500 people are a part of the Organic Industrial Base that ensures members of the Joint Forces have what they need, whenever they need it and rely on the Information Technology infrastructure maintained by AGR
    • RRAD required a sophisticated and broad-based technology partner that could manage all facets of information technology on the base
    • They had to ensure they were able to meet the demands of their 16 tenant organizations:
      • DevOps to Application support of LMP (Army SAP)
      • Data Management and telecommunications engineering IoT
      • Cyber security

AGR deployed a talented multi-skilled team broken into 4 primary working groups:

  • Technical Operations (IT Help Desk, DevOps Support, LMP App Support)
  • Data Management (Data Analytics, Visualization, Reporting, Data Warehouse Architecture – SQL & Oracle)
  • Telecommunications Engineering/IoT (Network Architecture/Maintenance, Cyber Security, IoT Schema/Connectivity and Digital Program)
  • Quality Management (AGILE, LEAN, ITIL).
  • AGR’s senior project management and team of 15 functional and technical personnel have delivered all development, maintenance and support objectives rated to the highest standard by contracting personnel for the past year.
  • AGR delivered these services under budget for RRAD
  • Project delivery cycle was faster than projections and AGR continues to support RRAD’s IT platform through today