Case Studies


Customer Since: 2019

Contract Duration: 24 Months

  • The first vehicle mass production manufacturer in the U.S. Ford has always been an innovator in its products, manufacturing processes and technology
  • Ford’s technology group is charged with product innovation out of its Dearborn, MI location
  • With the race towards autonomous driving Ford created it’s ADAS technology program to create a safe hands free driving experience
  • The ADAS program has produced many other technology enables features that keep drivers and their vehicles safer
  • Provided an integrated team to work on the software design and development of ADAS Algorithms in image processing SOCs (Systems on chip) and auto-coding of ADAS feature models
  • Supported algorithm development and help establish procedures to verify performance both quantitatively and subjectively through SiL and HiL testing
  • Design, develop and model development of new camera-based Active Safety features related to collision avoidance and collision mitigation
  • Lead the feature design, development and model development of new sensor fusion features involving ultrasonic sensors, cameras, and radar.
  • Leveraged a model based approach to architecting, defining, and analyzing complex systems involving a mix of hardware and controls for new AV technologies that allowed for quicker development
  • Simulation and Testing of new software releases from ADAS, Powertrain and Chassis modules helped identify regression bugs and the potentiality of performance deterioration after integration
  • The design and development of new Active Safety features assisted with collision avoidance and collision mitigation enhancements