Case Studies


Customer Since: 2017

Contract Duration: 5 Years

  • INL’s mission is to counter crime, illegal drugs, and instability abroad, including foreign assistance, bilateral diplomacy, multilateral engagement, and reporting, sanctions, and rewards.
  • INL has two complementary core competencies: helping partner governments assess, build, reform, and sustain competent and legitimate criminal justice systems, and developing and implementing the architecture necessary for international drug control and cross-border law enforcement cooperation.
  • INL’s largest country programs are with neighboring Mexico. With tens of thousands of items being shipped to support its programs and directly to the departments it was working with in Mexico INL required a partner that could stand-up and manage a complex supply chain and system for visibility and accountability
  • AGR designed and stood-up a new warehouse & logistics facility in Laredo, TX and implemented an Inventory and Logistics Management System. We then cleansed, migrated and took over total data management of 100,000+ government owned items comprising over 10,000 SKUs.
  • We developed and maintain an integrated secure electronic communications and data exchange with Department of State personnel to give daily insight into logistics activities
  • AGR’s personnel execute operations including database admin, data analytics and reporting, RFID/UID integrity, and import/export controls
  • To date AGR has ensured timely delivery and complete visibility and accountability of all material for this program, which turns over about $100mm of inventory annually.
  • AGR personnel have been commended for their exceptional professionalism and dedication to INL’s mission in Mexico