Industry Expertise

AGR is a thought leader in the Reindustrialization of America, producing cost effective solutions from customer facing immersive experience initiatives through enterprise-wide machine learning continuous industrial improvement.

Our team has utilized latest generation “proven” software and process engineering to implement systems that work in the “real world” and make our U.S. manufacturing clients more competitive on the global stage. Due to our practitioner’s deep industry knowledge we understand the human engineering side of Digital Transformation that has allowed our customers to be successful in both complex engineered and repetitive environments for over three decades with COTS and custom solutions. While we are dedicated to the U.S. manufacturer, we have implemented solutions across the global supply chain in over 20 countries.

Our Digital Transformation practice spans the spectrum of operations/software assessments through cloud enabled enterprise implementations to operations data analytics applied to continuous manufacturing process improvement. We have navigated our customers through three generations of computing technology by understanding the fundamental success factors that are the key building blocks to deploying technology that increases competitiveness for companies.

We have applied our successful strategy not only to greenfield projects, but also in repairing “broken wing” projects for our customers, many of which were started by major consulting competitors, in which large expenditures yielded less than satisfactory results.

We have a unique area of practice dedicated to innovation of acquisition and merger strategies for technology that has yielded highly successful results from building upon the strengths of each entity that is involved. This additive company strategy has been utilized by our Private Equity clients across their portfolios and by Corporate Client’s executing a growth by acquisition strategy.

AGR innovated the integration of customer product support through leveraging technology across industrial sectors to allow manufacturers to strategically gain market share while maintaining their existing customer base. We have made following the proven path a reality for our customers from the evolution of Integrated Production Teams through the reality of harnessing the power of sensor data within the Internet of Things.


MLP is a Pittsburgh based mid-market steel fabrication company. They produce steel products for the automotive and Critical Infrastructure industries.

AGR provided a end-to-end system solution implementing a cloud-based digital core. Deployed multiple additional applications/tools in the cloud that AGR integrated into a seamless system for MLP.

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