Energy and Chemical

Industry Expertise

AGR has supported the Energy sector for more than 25 years. Our experience has ranged from operational and technology assessments, digital enterprise solution implementations, big data analytics, IoT integrations, GIS engineering, and Business Operations-as-a-Service across supply-chain, logistics and engineering functional areas. AGR has performed in upstream, mid-stream, and downstream projects for oil and gas companies, power generation, transmission and distribution for traditional power that utilize natural gas or heavy oil and alternative power utilizing wind, solar and battery.

Our customers have ranged from Fortune 500 companies like Chevron through mid-sized, and emerging firms. In Chemical we have performed similar services for middle to large companies with companies like Eastman Chemical and Mitsubishi Chemical U.S. We have a global footprint across these sectors including projects in the US, Canada, Middle East, Africa, and South/Central America. AGR’s experience has allowed us to create and execute innovative solutions in austere environments along with developed areas that require unique solutions. Our team has supported technology across three generations of computing environments and engineering advancement throughout the energy and chemical sectors giving us a unique perspective on how to be successful on all our projects.


Chevron Corporation is a multinational energy corporation with operations spanning 180 countries and more than a 100,000 employees.

AGR was brought onto the team to capture and manage IIoT data from Critical Infrastructure, which would in turn allow Chevron to move from preventative maintenance to predictive maintenance.

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