Distribution and

Industry Expertise

AGR has been a small business with a large impact on assessing, designing, developing, and implementing logistics support strategies, organizations, processes, and systems for domestic and global sales, distribution and transportation entities.

Our team has innovated in “Fuzzy Logic” decision making transportation, DRP, predictive maintenance, complex logistics supply chains, and multi-modal transportation solutions utilizing both custom and COTS solutions. Our operations data driven approach has yielded improved performance in straight transportation and logistics support scenarios. We have been on the leading edge of technology innovation including mobile applications with GIS functionality and utilizing proven techniques like hub-spoke strategies to offer solutions for our customers.

AGR’s practitioners have deployed a unique enterprise view of customers’ logistics needs systemically to create solutions merging the human and machine requirements of an efficient logistics system. This enterprise approach also naturally ingests the customer experience into dynamic metrics for customer service in a highly competitive sector where every delivery and every dollar saved is critical.


With the merger and acquisition of Nexeo, Univar became the second largest global chemical sales & distribution organization.

AGR undertook the Systems Portfolio/Project Management across the IT organization and process improvement initiatives.

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