Consumer Products
and Retail

Industry Expertise

AGR has decades of experience supporting Consumer Products and Retail companies performing operational and technical assessments, implementing digital transformation projects across many different digital cores, undertaking customer performance analytics, and architecting custom applications. Our practice has evolved from brick and mortar business to E-Retailing. Our team has successfully executed projects for some of the largest global and most recognized brands like Pepsico and Frito-Lay to mid-sized regional consumer products and retailers. We have integrated industry best systems and customized solutions to keep our customers competitive in this quickly evolving business sector.

Our work has spanned global supply chains in both developed and developing markets. Our Team has expertise in digital branding with proven partners, customer facing systems (both COTS and custom), store management systems (from POS to floor plan management), lean initiatives, complex distribution and logistics process development, supply chain synchronization, and continuous process improvement driven by data analytics.

In the E-Retailing sector, we have developed complex hub software to connect heterogeneous E-marketplaces with web storefronts in a cost effective, highly productivity efficient environment. Our website development has involved branding integration with required online transactions that create a robust customer experience and interaction.

We continue to evolve ahead of the curve for our customers to enhance profitability and assure survival through aggressive disruption technology and process innovation.


One of the leading consumer product companies in the world and known for its forward thinking technology creation, development and adoption.

AGR was selected as one of the partners to provide GIS Mapping and Mobile Data Collection services to the re-engineering effort.

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