Power Hub for

Unified Marketplace API Integration


PowerHub for E-Commerce allows developers to access a single, unified API to manage integrations with major 3rd party marketplace platforms such as Amazon, Walmart.com, Ebay, Etsy, and more.


Sellers can utilize PowerHub for ECommerce to manage inventory data, create product listings, and view sales analytics across multiple platforms in a single dashboard. Developers can use our API to create custom experiences for sellers.

Primary Features

Unified API

Use our Unified API to access data from multiple marketplaces including Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and Walmart.com

Inventory Management

Support for product creation and inventory listing, as well as updating existing data

Bulk Uploading

Support for bulk product updates and creation using our unique queuing service designed for data intensive uploads

Shipping Integration

Shipping integration support via ShipStation’s API

Easy Implementation

Ease of implementation through highly documented APIs and simple API call structure

Major Platform Integrations

Technology Overview

Latest Technology

Our backend is built with Microsoft .NET Core

We use Entity Framework + SQL Server to quickly build and store data and data models

Up-to-date dependencies and packages


Utilization of industry standard JWT access tokens for secure API access

All connections made to and from the Integrations Hub are secured over HTTPS

API access keys from marketplaces are securely stored in our database


Can scale across multiple marketplaces and stores since no data is being stored in the database itself

Lightweight, high performance API calls allow our backend to process data at large scale

Bulk update actions are handled through our queueing service, powered by RabbitMQ


Developers can easily integrate with our API to create custom solutions for sellers

Standardized and documented RESTful API with simple and secure authentication

Unified API that provides access to multiple APIs of multiple marketplaces