Our solution is a proven asset management system in a government property environment. We pioneered managing total asset visibility for information technology assets in large environments when computer assets were being managed with PC tools or network sniffing tools. Our software solution allows true enterprise asset management for “need to buy” requisitions through retirement and disposition of the asset. We have a closed loop system that tracks assets and maintains their configuration and repair activities.

We offer the ability to track repair orders and configuration upgrades to create a living record of the asset. We allow for complete cost data recording against the asset. A complete cataloging capability exists that the accountable asset manager to categorize and cross reference asset by commodity code driving down to the item identification of the asset. We have capability and understanding of RFID tagging for the required assets. The system allows for location mapping of the assets including mobile locations for the individual in possession of the asset. Hand receipts for individual accountability in possession of the asset is included in the asset inventory data. The ability to audit asset accountability along with complete inventory record management of the assets is organic to the inventory module of the assets managed. All required inventory dates and reconciliations are managed within the system.

Complete cost management from acquisition through disposition is maintained at the item level. This function allows for budgeting as well as accountability in the procurement, possession, and inventory cycles. This integrated allows for valuation of asset reporting by asset category with flexibility of commodity grouping of the assets as well as acquisition valuation reporting of the assets. The system maintains a real time perpetual inventory of all assets in the field as well as in central stores by physical location. This allows again for an enterprise or organizational unit integrated total asset visibility picture for the organization. This complete cost tracking profile allows for a complete accountable property record integrated into an organizations books of account.

The system has flexible APIs for interfacing to other systems and third party software. Web enablement gives the personnel with defined security to maintain asset accountability throughout the life cycle of the asset usage. The system can be configured to maintain configuration status of both hardware and software in a parent child relationship including revision and maintenance history of the asset.

The system utilizes a SQL database with web enablement allowing for flexible Microsoft friendly reporting that can be user driven and/or centrally controlled. The software pricing and warranties is made for enterprise utilization and has a maintenance agreement that reflects a total cost of ownership model that is flexible regardless of usage.