For the first time in over 25 years the US is moving forward towards recovering the magic of being an industrial economy. The key will be a manufacturing renaissance, led by small and medium-size engineering and manufacturing firms. These businesses will be key to the supply chain recovery for ‘Made in America’ with agile and low overhead capabilities. AGR has integrated solutions to enable small and mid-size manufacturers to achieve world class results utilizing integrated technologies in engineering, manufacturing, procurement, sales, and financial plans & controls. These integrated solutions are essential for the 50-500 person manufacturers.

The value of these small and mid-size manufacturers that will add to a growth economy is overwhelming. We will be there to lead and support this exciting change. Our skills range from enterprise systems, network and hardware engineering, design engineering, recruiting and training a capable workforce, facilities engineering, and maintenance repair and overhaul. The value-added proposition we bring is second-to-none, and we will support our customers with cost effective solutions creating a new generation of world class manufacturers.

The mergers and acquisitions that have shuttered US factories have been a leading point for the generation of bankers getting wealthy and the American worker getting poorer. In some sectors, like the Aerospace and Defense sector, it is dangerous for national security as foreign companies have swooped in and reduced American manufacturing capability. This globalization trend has also stunted core technological development that was driven by the national security programs of the 1960’s and 70’s along with the full scale defense buildup in the Reagan years. New technologies, while alluring and amazing to the consumer, have really inched along in commercial development, making very few quantum leaps. The US is once again positioning itself for leadership in engineering and manufacturing, small agile firms will be firm participants in this drive to regaining success for the American economy.

We at AGR deliver the next generation manufacturing systems today on schedule, under budget, and with precision quality. The years of global mega trends and ignoring the American worker are over. It is time to get back to work in US factories.