AGR has deep experience in the information technology and business software areas of today’s industries

Executives continually strive to increase productivity and reduce operating costs. Aging software systems are often scrutinized with replacement options as a means of supporting these objectives. Through experience, AGR has found that implementing new software can achieve significant benefits but may also strain organization resources and jeopardize on-going operations if not carefully managed.
Software Implementation Experience

AGR has deep experience in the information technology and business software areas of today’s industries, with considerable experience evaluating and implementing a wide range of software packages. AGR can provide the leadership and personnel for successful implementation of your chosen project. AGR will work with your team to determine the best implementation approach for your operation. Throughout the project, AGR will look for ways to unlock your workforce’s potential while aligning the new system with organizational change.

Project Management Expertise

Significant project discipline is required to manage a complex system implementation. The ability of the project management team to plan, lead, schedule, assess risks, recognize issues, monitor progress and take quick, decisive action is essential to meeting the goals and objectives of the project. AGR recommends utilizing a practiced Project Manager with experience in all these areas and who can schedule resources in a manner that describes the sequence of work and identifies the significant task inter-dependencies required to meet the requirements of the project.

AGR is able to offer such Project Management expertise to lead the entire project or to work with, alongside or for your Project Manager as desired. The AGR Project Manager brings added value by managing the implementation process and assuring controls are in place to detect problems early and to quickly identify creative corrective actions.

System Implementation Approach

AGR’s proven approach to business system implementation provides total project direction to ensure that a quality product is delivered on time and within budget. This approach has been built around end-to-end key enterprise business processes and leverages implementation templates to guide and accelerate deployment. The primary focus is meeting key project milestones and objectives, and mitigating risk. AGR’s Project Implementation Methodology utilizes proven techniques and combines our knowledge and experience to maximize the contributions of your team members for a successful, integrated implementation project.

Getting Started with AGR

AGR is prepared to meet with your organization and discuss our System Integration services. During our meeting, AGR will probe to understand your current state and determine if your company can benefit from our expertise and knowledge base.