AGR offers a unique skill set that will assist investors and companies in analyzing the business and IT value prior to acquisition.

Three realities exist with any acquisition or investment, and two are bad. Either the investment should have never been made, or it is discovered that the business is performing sub-optimally.
AGR offers a unique skill set that will assist investors and companies in analyzing the business and IT value prior to acquisition. Post-acquisition, AGR will identify and execute tangible business processes and IT opportunities that reverse loss scenarios and maximize return on investment.
In today’s environment, due diligence for an acquisition is vitally important. Most due diligence focuses on financial validation and confirmation of current stated revenue opportunities. Unfortunately, key business variables are ignored. It is just as important to analyze whether the business processes and disciplines are in place to sustain and grow the business. In addition, are IT systems and reporting aligned to the business processes enabling the return that is expected? AGR has created an offering that places vital emphasis on the business opportunities, business processes and the alignment of IT to the business, in addition to the typical due diligence activities. This offering is very flexible and can be used to validate a business prior to the investment or improve the return on the investment, post-acquisition.
Business Acquisition Assessment Benefits
Knowledge provides the ability to execute on informed investments. Knowledge of only the current financial status and current revenue opportunities leaves gaping holes in the ability to make informed investment decisions. AGR’s Business Acquisition Assessment Offering closes the loop on those gaping holes of missing knowledge and positions investing organizations to make more informed investment decisions based on the business process, operational and technology factors involved.
There are two situations in which our offering makes critical sense and can mean the difference between marginal or unprofitable investments and investments that generate profitability and growth.
Pre-Acquisition Business Assessment
Tailor made for the pre-acquisition scenario, AGR reviews the financial, business process, operational and technology areas of an organization and provides a comprehensive assessment of current strengths and weaknesses. As equally important, we identify the obstacles for future growth and profitability and focus on key areas of improvement or change that will be necessary.
There are times when investments experience economic or operational obstacles that prohibit the expected profitability, growth and return. AGR’s Post-Acquisition Business Assessment is a driven, hands-on offering that focuses on the current state and the gaps that exist with the original expectations of the investment.
Our business (CFO’s, Procurement Directors, Plant Managers, Controllers, Directors of Sales & Marketing) and IT (CIO’s, Analysts, IS Directors) expertise allow us to rapidly analyze, decipher and recommend actions that will address operational, business process, IT and reporting deficiencies. In addition, this offering identifies opportunities that may not have been considered and identifies the organizational constraints that may exist, impeding any improvement initiative.
The Pre/Post Acquisition Business Assessment offerings focus on business value, shareholder value, and return on investment (ROI). AGR has the expertise and methodology to help you identify, qualify and improve your investment performance. Your organization can partner with AGR Consulting to create your own best practices, related to your investment decisions.