Despite a company’s “global” footprint, business operations tend to remain self-contained at the country level.

Business systems, methods, processes, rules, product codes, accounting standards, statutory requirements and key performance indicators can differ from country to country. Lack of global standardization increases operational costs, complicates sales and financial reporting, and delays response to new business threats from more agile global competitors or sudden changes in market conditions.
Truly global companies must overcome language, cultural and technology barriers, and synchronize enterprise processes for operational efficiency, global visibility, consistent reporting, and the agility to mitigate threats and seize opportunities for competitive advantage.
AGR’s Globalization Advisory Services leverage our expertise in industry-specific best practices, business process design, and the selection and implementation of leading IT solutions. Our approach applies an “industry framework” with best practice methodologies across multiple country operations to enable standard business process while still supporting local statuary, cultural and language variances. Pilot implementations at the most challenging locations help to ensure a smooth, fast enterprise roll out. International teams with local representation bring cultural awareness and native language skills to implementation, change management, end-user training, and ongoing support programs.