Before re-engineering became a buzzword, companies were benefiting from our staff’s practical knowledge of how to run operations to improve bottom line profitability.
AGR knows that the appropriate business solution may not always include implementing new software. We attack our assessments pragmatically to find the most effectual and suitable answers for each firm’s unique characteristics. Sometimes optimization, organization change, and workflow analysis, process engineering, may be the required solution. We believe that this tact is key in making the necessary incremental improvements in business operations, whether implementing a new ERP system or not.

  • Defining the current environment processes
  • Defining the requirements toward the new business vision
  • Creating a new business operational model based on the requirements
  • Developing the practices and procedures to fulfill the requirements
  • Implementing the organizational change
  • Defining the new management tools for validating the operations
  • Training and educating of the new management system

AGR has vast experience in executing complex projects of this sort in the manufacturing, financial services and retail industries. Our experts have helped companies successfully employ industry best practices to day-to-day operations to realize incremental gains in efficiency and customer satisfaction.