The Paradigm Shift of Organization and People.

It is fair to say that enterprises have not previously encountered the rapid changes in business environment that are in effect today. With increased industry consolidation, technological advances, and the emergence of new players, it can be difficult for management to keep up with all the changes that are occurring.To prepare for these changes, companies must be willing to transform both their people and the organization itself. Operations, functions, roles and responsibilities cannot remain static. They must be redesigned to accommodate the change at hand, that is, they must switch from being “structure-oriented,” or those based on entrenched processes, to being “network-oriented,” relying on more flexible processes and roles. AGR’s Human Capital Management services can lead our clients’ source of growth–their people and organization–through this next stage.

In helping enterprises cope with the challenges they are facing, AGR provides a broad range of Human Capital Management (HCM) services. Our HCM services focus on improving cost, quality and strategic values of an enterprise’s HR services. Drawing from our Global Knowledge Database which accumulates best practices from our own experiences, AGR will design a service offering that is best for your organization.

Below are brief descriptions of AGR’s major HCM service offerings:

  1. Human Capital Assessment (HCA):

AGR’s HCA service helps corporate executives and HR leaders examine the quality of a company’s current employee population and organization status through a number of assessment methods, including HR activity completeness benchmarks, HR service model diagnosis, employee aptitude surveys, culture assessments, etc. AGR can also perform HR due diligence analysis for Mergers & Acquisitions, to evaluate a target organization’s HR operations’ strengths, weaknesses, and values.

  1. Organization Design (OD):

AGR’s OD service helps corporate executives design the right organization structure based on their corporate strategy, and then develop the transformation plan to move from the current structure to the future model. In order to fully explore the organization’s potential, theories and practices of Matrix organization, Corporate Governance, Profit Center, etc. are also examined and explored.

  1. HR Strategy (HRS):

AGR’s HRS service helps an organization to define its HR strategy and transformation roadmap, providing a 3-5 year plan. Elements within an HR strategy include: corporate talent needs, HR service model, HR internal capability and outsourcing opportunities, HR departmental structure, Shared Services Center design, HR process model (HR Process re-structuring, outsourcing, BPO support), and the transformation roadmap.

  1. HR Management (HRM):

AGR’s HRM service covers the administrative aspect of the overall HR operations, helping to redesign and/or improve HR management’s core processes to realize the defined HR strategy. Related services include recruitment, incentive, compensation, appraisal and staffing programs and more.

  1. HR Development (HRD):

AGR’s HRD service involves the redesign and/or improvement in employees’ development processes to complement the defined HR strategy. Related services include competency modeling of employee and manager, organizational learning/ development program, OJT program, performance management, career path design, succession planning, and more.

  1. HR Information Systems (HRIS):

Today, information technology is critical to the development of effective HR strategies and efficient HR operations. AGR helps our clients implement HR information systems using various package implementations (such as SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, etc.) and customization development tools. AGR emphasizes not only package functionality, but also process rationalization so that an HRIS is not merely a reflection of clients’ current HR operations, but an improved vehicle for better management of HR operations. To achieve this, AGR offers solid HRIS implementation planning with the help of experienced implementation consultants.