Mobility solution will be one of the key drivers for business innovation within organizations

Mobility solutions are a part of our lives today as the boundaries between personal and professional, home and office disappear. With reduction in cost of mobility infrastructure more than one third of global workforce is slated to become mobile enabled. We believe that in the coming decade mobile solution will be one of the key drivers for business innovation within organizations. Enterprises will find new ways to communicate and engage with employees, partner and channel and end consumers. Some of the early adopters have already built applications for building customer loyalty, increasing sales through location based discount coupons or providing mobile commerce and payments.

We offer full spectrum of services, Consulting – Design – Development – Support services, to develop holistic solutions that address the mobility needs of our client organizations. Some of our key services are as follows:
Advisory Services

Organizations are facing challenges in developing a cogent mobile strategy which is aligned with their business due to complexities that are arising from multiple platforms, devices and delivery channels.
Mobile Application Development

AGR has a dedicated mobility centre of excellence. The group has rich set of expertise in multiple platforms, devices and architectures. We don’t just design for specification but design for performance as well.
SAP Mobility

Enterprise Mobility is no longer a “Nice to Have”. We live in a Post PC era where the rapid adoption of Mobility among consumers, employees and partners and the resulting business impact have made it inevitable for enterprises to revisit their Enterprise Mobility Strategy.
Smart Mobility Solutions

Mobile phones in addition to providing cheap computing power, also give us valuable information such as location, identity, connectivity and a host of useful tools.
Managed Mobility

Trends such as BYOD and consumerization of IT are pushing companies to allow access of corporate data on mobile devices. Accessing corporate data through mobile devices exposes