The always-connected digital world is pushing companies to evolve.

Field employees are accessing ERP systems via smartphones, increasing their efficiency. Employees are collaborating with others they’ve never met face-to face in social business communities. Customer experience design best practices are being applied to every touch-point, giving customers cohesive and more valuable engagements.

Businesses today are facing an unprecedented challenge in this transformation to digital. The demands on processes, adoption of new tools, and the need to deliver engaging customer experiences are challenges that companies are hard pressed to resolve with minimal lead-time.

As digital experts AGR recognizes the complexity involved, and have developed multiple solutions under its Digital Transformation umbrella.

AGR’s solutions offer a customized, end-to-end engagement for organizations that are not usually possible using other ‘off-the-shelf‘ solutions available in the market. Our solutions focus on:

  • User Centered Design
  • Digital Experience Marketing
  • Operation Process Digitization
  • Social Business Enablement
  • Digital Asset Migration

Our partnerships with technology leaders like Microsoft, Adobe, Infor (to name a few) means our solutions are robust, and built to support industry standards.

Today, Digital Transformation solutions from AGR are helping top tier businesses across the globe reduce organizational complexity, improve efficiency, and achieve measureable growth.