Develop stronger customer relationships and increase customer engagement

CRM is a process companies use to understand their customer groups and respond quickly—and at times, instantly—to shifting customer desires. CRM technology allows firms to collect and manage large amounts of customer data and then carry out strategies based on that information. Data collected through focused CRM initiatives help firms solve specific problems throughout their customer relationship cycle—the chain of activities from the initial targeting of customers to efforts to win them back for more. CRM data also provide companies with important new insights into customers’ needs and behaviors, allowing them to tailor products to targeted customer segments. Information gathered through CRM programs often generates solutions to problems outside a company’s marketing functions, such as supply chain management and new product development.

AGR  provides end-to-end CRM services that include devising CRM strategy, CRM package evaluation, feasibility analysis, implementation, upgrade, data migration and post-implementation support.

Your customers hold the key to growth and profitability. Modern CRM solutions can capture and analyze detailed buyer patterns, identifying products have the most growth potential, customers with highest value and how do you attract and retain them. A customers’ lifetime behavior affects product development and personalized marketing and sales strategies. In addition to gaining in-depth insights into customer needs and wants, modern CRM solutions are the backbone to fostering an engaging relationship with your customers and increasing brand loyalty.

The AGR CRM Center of Excellence (CoE) is a frontrunner in delivering CRM services and solutions based on industry-leading CRM products—whether you want to implement CRM, upgrade the systems you have, use the CRM platform as the basis for other solutions, or take advantage of cloud-based CRM offerings.

The AGR CRM CoE offers personalized solutions that are a perfect fit for your needs and improve every interaction within your organization as well as with your clients. We cover a gamut of end-to-end CRM solutions, offering Sales, Marketing, Service Management, and xRM implementation services. Our solutions are capable of optimizing your CRM platform for enterprise-scale and global-scale deployments.