We performed as a major sub-contractor on SOF-CLSS to Lockheed Martin across multiple task orders to achieve FOC for Lockheed on the USSOCOM-SOFSA.

Across three task orders over a period of two years our team worked data management issues technically and functionally in both supply support, ground systems, special projects, and aviation modification repair and overhaul for rotary and fixed wing. We utilized the COTS systems and Army/DLA logistics systems(ALS-A, FLIS, GCSS, SAMS, and SARS) in functional data rationalization/normalization, functional data integrity development, Process improvement for data management, organizational development, analytics/dashboard development, mechanical data conversions, technical conversions, testing, and software promotion/rollouts.

We utilized our unique statistical process control methodology for data normalization/rationalization, data development for over 150000 unique items, independent demand spares and dependent demand items in both supply support and modification, repair, and overhaul for USASOCOM, MARSOC, NAVSOC, AFSOC, and the 160th aviation brigade. Our team performed hands on indicative data normalization/rationalization for non-standard items across all 9 key processes of supply support for materiel utilized across global theatres. These activities included updating COTS systems with normalized data, data cleanup for incomplete data elements and data categorization for data stores and data visualization. We utilized data analytic tools to further data integrity and establish inventory baselines across all commodity codes.

Key areas of data presentation and management were quality, scheduling, receiving, inventory, disbursement, shipping, turn-ins, disposition, and production. These efforts included technical development, process definition/documentation, training, data security, data organization, data retrieval, database/data warehouse management, data visualization, and technical interfaces.

Our team was able to further utilize COTS tools to identify and improve business challenges from data warehousing functions in excess/surplus material qualifying for disposition, improve material flow cycle times for turn ins, pick pack and ship, integration of data presentation to reduce time to buy, improve and determine root cause of quality problems, present total asset visibility from source of supply to unit utilization levels including tracking and reporting.

All tasks were accomplished ahead of schedule and within fixed price budgets. We performed the enterprise analysis that created the framework for program success up front and then participated through all phases of execution across the enterprise. The key to development was massive data management that yielded timely integrated reporting and the development of single points of accountability that gave system generated metrics for command decisions. Our team worked with the USSOCOM and Lockheed personnel directly through the successful completion of the program.