Special Operations Forces Support Activity (SOFSA)

  • AGR participated in analysis of improvements for material handling and inventory control for Lockheed Martin in logistics management for the SOFSA contract. We constructed a complete end-to-end model for utilizing GOLD software’s ability to manage items under the SOFSA program and to allow for accountability for material. We also improved record keeping traceability from receipt through shipping in a single traceable and accountable data base in compliance with DOD standards and SOF directives. This model not only included Blue Grass Station (BGS), but also movement of material through hand receipt on a global basis.
  • Built a closed-loop ERP environment for modification, reconstruction, and overhaul of rotary wing and fixed wing assets for the SOFSA contract. All functional activities were modeled with actual data and included non-standard Bills of Material as well as production Bills of Material, utilizing over 25 years of aircraft modification in a complete closed-loop remanufacturing model. This effort supported both AFSOC and TAPO systems for the 160th regiment and SOF attached fixed wing aircraft.
  • Performed cataloging analysis and data creation for non-standard inventory items in SOFSA data base, finishing in ½ the time and at ¼ cost of Lockheed Martin projections. This effort identified and added to the inventory database, four key indicative data elements for unique non-standard items.
  • Created a GOLD software standardized training program from overview through desktop instructions for all GOLD modules and their proper utilization to improve employee performance of material management personnel for incumbent SOFSA contractor. These sets of courses were used as a centerpiece in the proposed construction in cross training and cross job restructuring in a proposal to the incumbent contractor to reduce cost and employee down time in the re-competition of the sub contract for all material and logistics functions.
  • Performed the systems analysis and integration development for SAP interfaces into SOFSA unique systems. The SAP modules were FICO and HMS and involved a two-way information flow. We also created a user controlled dashboard for status and metrics analysis of financial and personnel information.
  • Analyzed and identified obsolete and surplus material for inventory on the SOFSA program for the incumbent contractor that would reduce inventory by approximately ten million dollars and worked up process improvements to reduce disposition cycle time for DRMO and Plant Clearance officer allowing for mass disposition of items the government approved.
  • Participated in the design of new facilities and material flow engineering for a major facilities upgrade of BGS for the supply/support function in SOFSA. This involved all items to include the receiving, storage, modification, shipping, and disposition for all items at BGS under the SOFSA programs. Our team received acknowledgement from PEO SOFSA for these efforts for creativity and cost effectiveness.
  • Participated in the analysis of the ICP for SOF at BGS in support of the incumbent contractor efforts to achieve FOC on the SOFSA contract. Our team was the only sub-contractor to work in an integrated team with Lockheed Martin and SOF Logistics personnel. Our team led the Provisioning, Obsolescence, and Forecasting teams. We introduced the new integrated demand management activity across heterogeneous commodities and developed analytics and data visualization to achieve improved operations and metrics measurements.

African Integrated Logistics Support

For the past 8 years AGR and its predecessor company have provided Integrated Logistics Support to MCL and US Department of State in eastern Africa. This support has involved field maintenance, intermediate shop maintenance, depot maintenance/reset, sourcing, supply/support, integrated information technology, human resources, and accounting/financial plans and controls. This set of comprehensive support services have been performed in extremely remote and austere areas, in multiple languages, over a supply chain of 18,000 kilometers, and in local villages with very little supporting infrastructure. Our customer has given us a superior rating for seven years straight and has recently reserved another 3 years of our services.

Supporting Details:

MCL supports the Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Mining, and Industrial Construction along with the US Government on the African continent in Engineering, Logistics, and both Heavy/Light Construction. The company has grown at a rate of over 70% over its operations across the continent, and the support provided by AGR has been on an even steeper curve. Very few American enterprises of this size exist in Sub-Saharan Africa. AGR has been fortunate to have the opportunity to create a true partnership for MCL’s fixed base and expeditionary projects.

We have provided prime and subcontract services for the Department of State in support of the PKU program for Pan-Africa in ground systems, C4, training, and warehousing.

Providing mechanics and field support technicians has been a critical service in the overall sustainment requirements for all levels of MRO support. This function has also included provisioning of the tools and support equipment for systems maintainability at all levels of support. Life support services have been integral to providing personnel services operating in both remote and developed environments.

The ability to manage the total logistics profile of projects/missions by establishing a footprint quickly with bare bases, medical, and essential life support functions rapidly. We have created a reliable network for the expeditionary jobs and utilize our people for on the ground leadership throughout the continent. We have turned our supply chain on for basic life support regardless of project location within 24 hours over six times. These rapid deployments have been essential in project performance for projects that in many cases have expanded and lasted multiple years.

Shipping and Transportation Management

AGR supplies the planning, coordinating, and clearing of both surface and air international shipments from the US and Europe. These activities involve sourcing, physical consolidation at the port of debarkation, scheduling inspection/certification at the point of origin, and in route tracking. AGR has established a reliable and solid supplier network for all transportation modes and the full spectrum of required priorities.

IT Services & Support

We are a full service provider of information technology services and support from requirements development for both project required and enterprise systems through Information Technology and Security. The network engineering requirements have ranged from satellite communications, local VHF/UH networks (some spanning over 1500 kilometers with radio relay sights), broad band Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Data Center hub connectivity through simple site point-to-point configurations. The implementation of Enterprise systems applications including Engineering, Accounting, Maintenance Repair and Overhaul, Warehousing/Receiving, Labor Data Collection, and Field Support have been integral to the all-around support services provided.

Materials Management

Sourcing of international materials and equipment is another area of services that has been required over the past eight years. These activities have included both specialty equipment items and standard commodities from three continents and include an integrated supplier quality program for establishing a complex supply chain. This function has an included supplier rating system and an ongoing supplier evaluation process for all the sub-systems, equipment items, and general commodities required in the supply chain. This function has allowed for the creation of long-term supplier relationships that include over thirty partnerships on four continents and working knowledge US government NSNs and NATO stock items, which are critical to support equipment in the field and a supply support inventory base at the depot for MCL.

Human Capital Management & Personnel

AGR is putting the entire ERP data into Netezza along with numerous data-marts that FMO, FMC, WSS, ONR, SSP, NAVSEA, NAVAIR, NAVSUP have in the same Netezza keeping all the data in real time (starting with FMO/WSS). This way Navy can centralize data, reduce administration inefficiencies to manage so many data marts and at the same time give an end-to-end reporting solution to the Navy with a very high confidence that reporting they are getting is reliable.

Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program (AESIP)

AGR is part of a small business team included on the Army ERP IDIQ contract award for Army systems sustainment. Our ERP (SAP) support and sustainment services support the following programs:

  • Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program (AESIP) Portfolio including AESIP Hub, Global Combat Support Systems – Army (GCSS-Army), and Logistics Modernization Program (LMP)
  • General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS) Portfolio including GFEBS, GFEBS Sensitive Activities (GFEBS-SA), and Army Contract Writing System (ACWS)
  • Army Shared Services Center (Army-SSC)
  • Army Stakeholder Organizations

The Army SAP landscape covers multiple modules, functionality, operating systems, SAP components, and interfaces. Wehave supported the various functionalities and modules covering the Army SAP landscape including Financials and Logistics. We have supported Navy ERP and GFEBS with audit readiness, compliance to Army and DoD requirements and standards, as well as supported in configuration of the Financial (FI), Controlling (CO), and Funds Management (FM) modules, and Logistics. Within Logistics, our team has supported multiple sites across LMP, GCSS-Army, GFEBS and Navy ERP through the requisitioning process of committing and obligating funds across the Material Management (MM) module in addition to the Reimbursable process within the Sales & Distribution (SD) module and how it all ties into the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) elements within the Project Systems (PS) module. We have over 14 years of experience where the Government acted as the LSI and we have successfully primed to implement a data warehouse solution to extract financial (FI/CO), and logistics (LO). On our sustainment support contracts where our team has primed, we have had government technical leads to whom we have reported directly and have successfully met program objectives and requirements.