Pragmatic business-focused solutions for today’s most complex business challenges.

We have the capability of and experience in running large-scale, complex projects with periods of ramping up resources in short timeframes as well as working with small to medium size clients providing pragmatic business-focused solutions.

Value Proposition

AGR is a mission critical service provider of Business Solutions and experienced Resources for a full spectrum of industrial sectors.

While we have seen a huge influx of enabling technologies, we understand that technology is only half of the success equation for business systems. We integrate processes as well as implementing technology. The ability to create lasting solutions that return expected benefits throughout the organization is our critical success factor.

We emphasize a teaming effect that allows our customers to truly affect the way the run the business. This joint effort allows our customers to become self sufficient in both the technologies and the processes, creating an earlier institutionalization of the solution. We gauge our success by measurable improvement, returning benefits to our customers financially, functionally, strategically and competitively.

AGR utilizes senior personnel who have a track record of success in the industrial verticals they service. We have built a team with hands on experience implementing both change management and technology on schedule, on budget, and with the expected return.

We recognize the reality that a technology enabled business system is difficult to implement, therefore, successful experience is the leverage we apply to our projects.

By utilizing our approach and experience we minimize the risk inherent in these undertakings. We further mitigate this risk by utilizing a unique cross check by peers to keep your project on plan.

We offer the know-how and the aggressiveness that allow our customers to be most successful in implementing mission critical systems.

AGR is a unique company built on an accomplished staff. Our business formula allows us to compete with major systems integration firms and top consulting companies.

The foundation of this formula is our group of skilled professionals led by partners who have invested their capital and expertise to create a solid company. AGR’s philosophy of building this company with senior, seasoned professionals who are personally committed and responsible for results, is what sets us apart.

Our team is made up of competent problem solvers. Their experience substantiates this, and ongoing training in the latest technologies augments this. Knowledge and experience in line management provides an immeasurable understanding of the importance of teamwork, character, and communication.

A part of our business solution strategy calls for including customer personnel on our project teams to further enhance the efficiency of the project. Experience has shown us that this not only helps decrease costs, but effectively places change champions in position to involve the system user. We realize that customer personnel on our project teams are invaluable tools; our staff more seamlessly integrates into your workforce, and training and implementation are strengthened.

We also realize that project management and leadership are critical to the success of our company and customer satisfaction. Accordingly, we spend tremendous energy in recruiting and training, and expect our project managers to work hard to deliver results on time and on budget. In addition, our project leaders are held to the highest standards and are supported by a peer based quality review process.

AGR is ready to help you implement your business solution on schedule and within budget. We will evaluate its impact throughout the implementation process to improve your bottom line financially and competitively with technology that will make the process and functions user friendly.

AGR focuses on two industry sectors: Financial Services and Manufacturing and Distribution. Our team is highly knowledgeable and experienced in these markets. Practical know-how allows us to understand the complexity involved with new systems implementation and derive workable, manageable solutions. Our extensive knowledge base of the business processes and best practices within the sectors we serve, distinguish AGR.

The new business model has changed the relationships across the supply chain. Companies must connect processes with customers, suppliers and partners in order to stay competitive. AGR’s business solutions will deliver the most up-to-date technological solutions to our customers quickly. Working with existing legacy systems throughout the supply chain, we coordinate and optimize business activities so that our customers stay on top of the game.

Once integration of a company’s internal systems is complete, integrating with customers, suppliers and partners builds successful and effective businesses. AGR’s considerable knowledge of the latest middleware and connectivity tools allows us to link these applications intelligently. Our sizable knowledge of different databases ensures that we create an industrial strength system that will stay up and running. Our business systems are built for reliability, scalability and security, basic requirements for today’s business enterprises.

AGR’s procedures for designing, architecting, developing, integrating and implementing our business solutions deliver quality results efficiently. We work with continually improved templates for completing repetitive tasks proficiently. Our library of reusable proven tools and our industry experience produces a faster Return on Investment (ROI) for our customers.

AGR delivers value by employing high quality project managers, system engineers and functional experts that know the importance of delivering quality results in a timely manner. Our consultants are easy to work with and move fast while retaining an attention to detail.